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Everything needed to start working with GIS on the Internet


The standard module is suitable as input module for display and distribution of arbitrary spatial data community. It shows the spatial data and link national, regional and municipal character. Placing and updating GIS data out of information specialists from the company Kaliopa, Ltd., and thus relieve the municipality of time-consuming and complex tasks interlaced data obtained from different sources.

STANDARD integral part of the module is a graphical interface with a host of useful features for publishing, search, measurement, printouts, plots, analysis of all kinds and types of data.

Apart from the crowd advanced features provided by the module STANDARD, this is only part of the specialist services does include iObčina:

  • Pridruženost iObčina the system provides 4 times a year refresh of all state GIS dat
  • Ability to add arbitrary local data: positioning data to the database, the link to an existing database, visualization, stylisation, reports, all adjusted for permissions to use.
  • Includes monthly timeshare GIS specialist 2 hours a month to complete the technical and service administrator.
  • Training and support: employees in municipal administrations, customers, citizens, administrative units, inspection services, utilities ... the monthly time scale.


Advanced functionality module STANDARD

STANDARD module provides a set of highly advanced features that can effectively and rapidly use the system iObčina in their daily work. See a list of functions block:

Technical features

Working in different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, ...) without the required prior to installation.

For ease of use are available support the use of video presentations and useful tips.

Maps are customizable full screen regardless of size. This ensures greater transparency in your work.

Map can define transparency and thus simultaneously display multiple raster files with different information. (Eg: OPN + DOF + topography and this at a time).

Quick Search - index table of contents allow for instant search.

Options determining the order of layers depending on the situation -spodaj/zgoraj.

Direct link iOBČINA-iKOMUNALA. Changes in iKomunali readily visible iObčini and vice versa.

Integrated Google search engine and business addresses across Slovenia.

Display raster maps at a rate of Google - Pre Service is not required.

The organization of data in each area (a set of visible content) (eg, plot, building, tourism, spatial planning documents, ordinances), or you create yourself.

To support the data

Support for national data:

Surveying data supported the Republic of Slovenia.

Supported the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

Supported the Ministry of Agriculture.

Includes maps Geodetic Institute of the RS..

Podpti EARS data.

Supported the Ministry of Culture.

Links to the publication in the Official Journal by municipalities.

Presistance municipal data:

Planning Acts (PLAN, SEN, OPN, OPPN, PSP, NUSZ, NSZ ,....

The inventories of infrastructure,

inventories of public and green spaces,


bulletin boards, tourist information,

pregledniške service,

school way...

and much other information collected by the municipal governing professional services ...

For Export

Export and distribution:

Easy data export and distribution

The current view that you have set the various layers can be displayed to save the JPG or PDF file.

The portal is also interoperable with Google Earth - selected items transferred and now looking into Google 3D.

Preview and print in any scale, even with the auto-adjustment to the size of the area on the sheet.

Transmission of any tickets by e-mail with geolocirano photo and a link to the GIS.

The possibility of including any maps in the main web page municipalities with one line of code.

Choose your favorite, commonly viewed content, and you store it permanently.

When a call is automatically activated content - light up.

Exports of all extracted data in Geo - PDF.

Exports of all extracted data in Word or Excel.

Save the current view in the JPG file.

Save the current view in the vector group of SHP files.

For the GIS Analysis

Manufacture of various GIS analysis:

Comprehensive report on the plot.

3D contour lines provide the option to create a longitudinal profile line for any route.

GEOLINK - watching two parallel GIS (eg iObcina - Google Maps).

Filtering, counting, sorting, measuring the quantities of selected elements.

The statistics.

Choose from the statistics, or provide us with their desire to add them.

Point to point or select an item to find all content located exactly "bottom" or "inside".

Upload your vector data in SHP to view the GIS system.

Determine the influential area - Buffer around selected items.

Measure distances.

Determine the quantity (square meters, length, dimensions, materials, etc.) on individual topics

To enter own data

Register your own statistical information, such as:

Draw your polygons.

Draw your points.

Draw your line.

Attach files such as photos to its elements - polygon.

Attach files such as photos to its elements - point.

Attach files such as photos to its elements - line.




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