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Modules iObčina

alt-txt alt-txt IObčina system is modular.

The main module is a module standard that allows all necessary to work with GIS. Other modules are intended for officials who want to own directly enter data into the system.







Only this, it is possible to upgrade with a varied range of additional options. IObčina system itself already contains more than 20 additional modules, which build on the basic system of strong spatial tools to carry out municipal tasks in the field of systematic planning. With them, the officials directly input data into the system iObčina. Through modules are directly input graphic and attribute data. These modules replace the expensive purchases licec other software speeds up business processes and replace the multitude of unrelated tables by day by day more, so that gradually losing control over them. Each software module is a complete whole, with each other, the substance connecting, building and updating. Users Modules are divided into those who enter and edit data and to those who can only watch.


To enter and edit all kinds of content data Kaliopa caring GIS specialists.


The main module is called STANDARD and represents the base istema iObčina.

Module The Standard is like an entry module suitable for publication, search, measure, print-outs, the izrise, analyses of all kinds and types of information needed by municipalities. With him we serve and associated spatial data of the national, regional and municipal character. Positioning and refreshing data implemented GIS specialists for data from Calliope d.o.o. and thereby relieve the municipality of time-consuming and demanding task interleaving data "collection with all winds" ...

Find out more about the module STANDARD can be read here.



MODULES Municipal Administration

To enter and edit data, the officials responsible charge of municipal administration.


Module Proposals and initiatives is dedicated to the systematic management of initiatives for change of planning acts in one place. The municipality offers a comprehensive insight into the initiative, at the initiative of numbered and accompanied by other descriptive information about the initiative, such as; date filed initiatives, promoter of the initiative, a description of the changes, etc. The module allows you to produce your own codes for the sign-in box and enter your own descriptive fields via the user interface.


Module Planski acts-razgrnitve is part of the Basic module iObčina. Complemented by a display of planning acts (open, PUP, OPN, OPPN ...) basic iObčine with queries and additional descriptive attributes of planning instruments and statistics. An integral part of the module is also the service of keeping the graphic planning acts in SHP or DWG format. Descriptive data contains a link to records of the associated ordinances, as published in the official journal. Service razgrnitve of planning acts include public exhibitions with municipal spatial plans (OPN) on a separate Web page of the municipality. Enabled the direct link (URL) to a local Web page. Exhibitions with time is not limited. Normally, the municipalities decide to publish the OPN prior to public debate and public discussion when they meet the corrections.


Module Location information – potrdilo dedicated domain user for the automated manufacture certificate serves on the dedicated use and as a complementary tool for faster production of locational information is with a graphical attachment. Automated issue of location-based information is an upgrade of basic module iObčina for its operation requires a lot of basic information, such as RPE, DKN, KS, planning maps (open, PUP, PIA, OPN, OPPN ...) and related decrees. Access to the module, a user with the rights to issue, edit and delete. We still have the user groups of the communal administration, which can only be visible to quash the decision. An anonymous user sees only the associated planning areas belonging to the plot. Decision are visible in the graphic arts, such as its class or as a descriptive list.



Module of the communal property allows keeping records of parcels, buildings, premises and infrastructure owned by the municipality. For each of them we still have additional descriptive data, namely: date of purchase, value of property, contract, and the area being scanned, etc. Search and print-outs are included. Each layer of the property is displayed in an environment of iObčina so that the data is accessible through the standard graphical interface.


In the module, the communal apartments keep data for individual homes to take over from the register of buildings and other information about the buildings and dwellings, which are determined by a decree or determined by the regulations. Register of buildings and dwellings of the registers shall be kept connected and used identification numbers of buildings and parts of buildings from the register of buildings. For each apartment guide repairers, tenants from the central register of residents (CDE), scanned contracts, subsidies, točkovalne records, etc. The software is connected with the environment iObčina via film Register of buildings and allows easy display of contracts under buildings.


The module permits makes it possible to systematically guided, and editing the records of building permits issued in one place. Information on the new construction permit relates to information about the plot or its coordinates, so that the information is preserved also in the amendment or abolition of parcel numbers.


Modul Taxes NUSZ-REN is dedicated to keeping for compensation for the use of the fee for each legal entity. The municipal Decree shall be integrated into the business logic of each municipality. Transfer of data from the database at a MORE ECONOMICAL price NUSZ is the monthly maintenance of the system. Retail banking si in the internal environment of the iObčina you can calculate the amount of the refund.


Modul Municipal contribution makes it possible for Internet users to calculate urban contribution on the website of the municipality of users logged into the system and the automated recording issued decisions on payment of the urban contribution and making themselves the decision. At the height of the current urban contribution is influenced by four factors: squaring the facility, squaring the land on which the building stands, a zone defined for the account of the performance of public infrastructure (individually) and factor activity. The module also includes the quick calculator urban contribution to people's homes.


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Modul Oglasne table in panoji omogoča vodenje in vzdrževanje katastra oglasnih panojev in tabel. Vnašamo lahko podatke o panojih, tablah, najemnikih… vključno s fotografijo, na ustrezno lokacijo. Pri vzpostavitvi modula lahko že inicialno vnesemo vse obstoječe podatke, potrebujemo le seznam opisnih podatkov in x, y koordinato.

MODULES Municipal Infrastructure

To enter and edit data, the officials responsible charge of municipal administration.


Module Cemetery allows keeping records of graves, pokojnikov and tenancy agreements. Includes a graphical display of the location of the grave and information system for entering and editing the rest of the data on the Tomb. Enabled the automatic construction of tenancy agreements from Hipparcos data.


Module public areas allows you to vrisovanje public areas on a map and information about each public area. Speed is several layers: paths, Lawns, playgrounds, parking lots, Parks, recreation ...



To enter and edit data, the officials responsible charge of municipal administration.


Module public areas allows you to vrisovanje public areas on a map and information about each public area.Speed is several layers: paths, Lawns, playgrounds, parking lots, Parks, recreation ...



Modul Občinske ceste je namenjen pregledu atributov in prikazu grafike. Povezuje evidenco BCP in GJI grafiko občinskih cest.


Module Construction allows keeping records of parking places. In the system are combined so a graphic display of the location as an information system for the introduction and management of other information on car parks. About car parks is collected the following information: tenant pays parking lots, parking lots, a contract, date of signature of the contract, the duration of the contract, content, reminder, the expiry of the contract, the amount of the rent. Searching is possible after all input fields.


To enter and edit data, the officials responsible charge of municipal administration.


Public lighting is data for which caters to the municipality. Public lighting module allows you to enter the location, type, type, type of drug, and other information on the lamps and prižigališčih. Information shall be entered by means of the codes. Queries are performed on all input fields of the database. When setting up the module, you can carry over the already existing data, we only list of lamps with x, y coordinates and information about the lamps.



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