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What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are information systems for::



analysis, display and distribute spatially oriented data.


Spatial data orietirani such information can be presented in the form of maps, not only in the form of "infinitely long tables." In addition to spatial data oriented GIS can also include any non-spatial data called attribute data. These are related to spatial data and create a comprehensive information system. Spatial data are usually grouped into classes by prelagamo another over another. It will produce electronic maps tailored to the user. The inquiry, analysis, sections, spatial statistics, the data we receive is very important answers to questions that are often strategic in nature. The usefulness of the show when deciding on streamlining, action, strategic investments, etc. ...



GIS is used today in an extremely wide range of activities. To name only a few prominent industries:

Construction and Architecture (professional backing for the design)

Surveying (cartography, land, actual land use, parcel boundaries, buildings, aerial photographs ...)

Geology (Geological map)

Agriculture (use of agricultural subsidies and, consequently, ...)

Environment and Spatial Planning (Polluters, protected areas, hydrography, hydrology, natural heritage, monitoring ...)

Urban planning (land use planning ...)

G ECONOMIC public infrastructure (road, energy, municipal, telecommunications ...)

Administrative Procedures (Building permits, consents)

Procedures of local governments (municipalities)

location information, NUSZ taxes, utility charges ..

Logistics (transport, road navigation)

Tourism (interest points)

Marketing (analysis of spatial dispersion of the products ...)

Investigated intentions - ...




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