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What si iObčina?

iObčina Internet GIS is a system that is used to search for, view, analysis of the quantities of elements, measuring distances and surfaces of all kinds and types of information in a place that can be displayed on maps.

iObčina include municipal, regional and national spatial information may be publicly accessible or available to the authority in the Republic of Slovenia.

The basic concept and idea iObčine is that the municipalities (local government) contract hire online GIS system iObčina delegated to a specialized team of GIS specialists Kaliopa companies that are processed on behalf of large masses of data that link makes sense and regulate the daily needs of employees in the municipal administration and also for general public use of dedicated citizens.

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The main advantage offered by iObčina:

All spatial data of all municipal departments, together with state information in one place

All spatial data of all municipal departments, together with state information in one place

increase the productivity,

relieve the people's visits,

account for the purchase of unnecessary and expensive software licenses, which operate only within the municipal building,

account for the purchase of expensive hardware

no need for GIS specialists work s, database, server, etc. ...

daily availability of specialists in GIS, surveying, urban planning and computer science,

exchange experiences of good and bad practice among municipal administrations,

Price is valid for unlimited (!) the number of system users.


With iObčino can show any spatial information of any type (DWG, SHP, TIF, XLS, MDB, PDF, TXT, ...), in any coordinate system, provided by the county for inclusion in the system iObčina.



The majority of the functionality of the module is STANDARD, which includes everything needed to get started with GIS. Learn more of the characteristics STANDARD module can read here.

Recommended software requirements
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Linux, iOS ... with all the latest security patches installed.
vsi z nameščeni zadnji varnostni popravki.

Internet browser:

Internet Explorer 7.0 or later (Recommended: Internet Explorer 9.0)

Firefox 3.6 (recommended: Firefox 4.0)

and other newer browsers, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Cookies enabled in your browser (Cookie)

Javascript Enabled

Adobe Flash Player (optional)

Recommended hardware requirements

Minimum recommended PC hardware requirements:

1 GHz Intel or AMD processor (Recommended: 2 GHz or more)

512 MB ​​RAM or more (Recommended: 2 GB or more)

Cable or DSL Internet connection with download speeds of at least 2MB / s on a computer

Screen resolution 1024x786 pixels or higher (Recommended: 1600x1200 pixels).

Recommended minimum screen size of 17inch.




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